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Wedding Planning

You Deserve A Wedding Planner

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We Service Gold Coast, Tweed Nth, Brisbane and NSW

Life’s busy, no matter what you do. Work, family, studying, volunteering, kids, and then throw planning a wedding into the mix. CHAOS !

It doesnt have to be, and hiring your own Wedding Planner doesnt have to mean selling a kidney to take advantage and enjoy having your wedding planned and managed just as you deserve. At least not with us.

Wedding Fireworks

3 Little Letters ….. WOW fireworks

Ever wanted those moments in time that stood still and were captured on camera.

Like your first dance ?

What if I told you that you could have a fireworks display surrounding you, elegantly creating a space even for a short time that meant you were in a capsule all on your own.

Blissful, serene, in the arms of the one you love surrounded by light as your guests seemingly a million miles away look on in awe.

We create that!

When the Big & Little Touches Come Together

Your Wedding has been planned meticulously, and you’re trying so desperately to tie in your colours and possibly a theme with your decor. Where to begin….

Ceremony & Reception styling requires a professional touch and creative mind to give you the flawless look and feel that welcomes your guests, and your eyes open like you’re in your own fairy tale.

We understand that our couples may need some help visualizing so we provide mock setups so you can tap into our mind and choose for yourself.

120 colours, 45 possible centerpieces and a handful of ceilings options. In our world, your options are endless.

Outdoor Ceremony Forms

We get how stressful planning a wedding can be, its planning the biggest day of your life. And we hear a lot of “where do I find that” or “who do I ask for this”.

So here are some links specifically for those random weird and wonderful documents that might help guide you and most importantly save you time.

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