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Spring 2018 Wedding Trends


For the past few years, its been all about pastels and lace, 2018 and all that changes. And for all you darlings out there who have chosen this deliciously gorgeous year to say I Do, here are the Wedding Trends to watch for.

Calm tones and relaxed natural pallets took center stage, that all about to change. This year its bold, rich and deep tones.

Florals, expect to see more Australian Natives, and the rustic look has shifted to Bohemian. Similar in ways, but “Boho” is probably a step up from the rustic. Boho is more uniformed and structured.

Invitations also get a new look, the main wedding trends are again with the deeper bold notes, i’d suggest keep it simple, deeper tones are the statement, dont overdue the detail. Guests want to see the information easily with some attractiveness, pastels allowed for pretty graphics to add to the experience, bold tones are the experience.

I’ll admit im a traditionalist, so the new trend of Bridesmaids suits, well its freaking me out a bit but at the same time, the fashionista in me is all for it.

And of course lets not forget about the Grooms and Groomsman, again, I loved the deep blue suits, but Burgundy is coming in! And the plus side of this, the burgundy and rich tones as I mentioned above with blend really well with the suits. But this also means, be weary of the colour you opt for with the Bridesmaids dresses. If in doubt, speak with your couturier designer. If you don’t have one, we work with some of the best.


Happy planning

Xo Rebecca

Thanks to The Wedding Wire and the Knot, amazing trend finders !

And if you’re looking for Gown ideas…look no further

The Ultimate Blog to Reception Speeches

Reception speech toast

Just when you think the hiring, choosing, deciding and tasting was the tough part, now we move onto Reception Speeches

Reception speech toast

. If you have hired an On The Day Coordinator – happy days! They will talk you through and most likely manage this for you. If you haven’t, here is some help.

We believe no matter the type of wedding, casual, formal, low key, ballroom, 6 guests or 250 guests….speeches are an important and integral part of the formalities.

It’s also a very simple and lovely gesture to provide your parents, whether welcoming you into their family or handing you over so to speak.

The team here at Celebratzio recommend this order (you may or may not have these people available, no stress there….its just a suggestion)

-Father of the Bride (Welcome speech)

-Father and/or Mother of the Groom

-Mother of the Bride

-Maid of Honour

-Best Man

-Groom & or Bride

Because you’ve probably been to a wedding, therefore you understand nobody likes long boring speeches, and they generally occur right before party time. Short, sweet is the key. If you opt to open it to the floor, guests who love to chat, who’ve had a couple may all put their hand up. Your coordinator will discuss how many people you allow and manage this.

Lawrence Bernstein, a famed and popular Speech coach also gave us some tips.

  • Who is speaking immediately before you? It might be the master of ceremonies, your father-in-law, or your bride.
  • How will they finish their speech? This will help you plan your own introduction, by referencing what they’ve just said.
  • Will they introduce you? Again, you’ll need to reference this at the beginning of your speech.
  • What sort of tone will they use? You don’t want to drastically – jarringly – change the tone.
  • How long will it be after their speech before you stand up?
  • What will they be talking about?

Check out this video from a Grooms perspective